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Thread: Fallow season

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    Default Fallow season

    Hi all,
    How's your fallow season going so far?
    I have had a couple of trips on one of my own permissions, first trip I managed a nice buck. Driving out I looked in another of my fields and couldn't believe it.... I stopped counting at 120!
    Second trip I managed a nice sorrel, he was in a herd of around 60. He was also the smallest at 55kg grallached and head off out of all of them. I had to select him as I was on my own and had no help to get into the back of the truck.
    Yesterday I had another look but only does and followers about.
    I also take out trainee's on a small shooting club I'm a member of based in Grinstead and the guy I was guiding managed 2 lovely pickets on a morning stalk.
    Anyone else been out???

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    Default Re: Fallow season

    Not yet but one of my syndicate members took a mutual friend out on the latter’s 50th birthday and got him on to a nice spiker- 44lbs larder weight.
    Just tied some retirer sedges with some roe buck hair from a beast I took a couple o years ago. Tonight pheasant tail nymphs.

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