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    Default Re: Advice on Shooting Boots

    I wear Meindle Bhutan’s plus gaiters when ever I can. But when it’s really wet muddy I swap for le Chameau with full length zips which offer good support.
    Another plus point to wearing walking boots is that I use them to get up to the hill lochs.

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    Default Re: Advice on Shooting Boots

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    Default Re: Advice on Shooting Boots

    Trust you Jim. That did make me laugh though.


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    For a pair of Le Chameau you can get a pair of Salomon 4D 3 GTX (like slippers) which will last a few year and a pair of Seals thermax neoprene wellies (like bigger slippers) that will last......well mine are three years old and look brand new with a wipe down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devondabbler View Post
    I'm looking forward to the game season once more but am now suffering with arthritis in my ankle. I purchased a new pair of Le Chameau neoprene wellies but am wondering if a decent pair of lace up waterproof boots would offer more support for my ankle.
    Does anyone use lace up boots and if so which do you recommend for shooting / beating?

    Best wishes,

    This is one of my issues for forthcoming season. Have always prefered high side leather/gore tex lace ups.
    All of a sudden doing up/untying the laces has become an issue. Age related thing I am told!
    Full length zip up wellies, like the Le Chameau Chasseur, are now the choice.
    Ease of putting on/removing, whilst still doing the job required, making the decision for me.

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    I was out checking traps yesterday , I wore Aigle Parcours ISO wellies as they are easy to clean down . They are superb to walk in much better IMHO than the le Chameau they replaced

    I also prefer to shoot in high ankle leather boots . I’m using Altberg Defenders , ex MOD , but I fitted with a new Altberg Memorex foot bed and spacers . They are almost slipper like comfort , light , and look the part on the field . The boots came from eBay around £30 and the Svartz Memorex footbed direct from Altberg £ 30.

    Have a look at the Altberg website for new boots , the range is extensive , and U.K. made too .

    Of course with leather boots you have the inevitable issue of cleaning them, which can be a good hours job if it’s been muddy .

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    Default Re: Advice on Shooting Boots

    I haven't worn wellies since October 3rd 1992 which was the say I slipped over on a road in Le Chamea boots and shattered the top of the femur of my left leg. A wet and muddy road was too much for Le Chameaus to cope with. This little incident led to 8 major orthopaedic operations including 1 hip replacement and two revisions.

    Since then I've always worn lace up boots and at the start of last shooting season bought myself a pair of Harkilas from Ardmoor. An excellent and comfortable boot in which I did 55 days picking up in all sorts of terrain.

    In dry weather as at the start of the season all that was needed was a wipe down with a damp cloth after each day & a dose of water proofing every other day. Later on when it got wet & muddy then a scrub over to remove the mud with a stiff brush and then go over with the waterproof while the boots were still damp. Wipe down then allow to dry. Keep them away from direct heat - I left mine on paper on the floor about a couple of feet from one of the radiators so warm but not hot.

    At the end of the season I went through the above process and then tucked them away ready for next September.

    The whole cleaning process took no more then 15 minutes. I was doing three or four days on the run at times, so a heavy maintenance requirement is not a good idea.

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    Before Litts in Newport went into liquidation, I bought a pair of waterproof/breathable boots at a discounted price. I still have them here somewhere, I'll have to dig them out. Excellent quality, does what it says on the box & didn't get anywhere near to breaking the bank, I think they were sub-£50.
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    Default Re: Advice on Shooting Boots

    I have stretched ligaments in my ankles that make me prone to turning my ankles. I have worn Le Chameau Chasseur wellies for about 20 years (two pairs) and find that they give good support. Before that I had some incredibly comfortable Mephisto walking boots but found that, because they were ankle high, they acted as a fulcrum for turning my ankles over. My point being that if your ankles are an issue and you go for a walking boot it should be one that comes well above the ankle. I have some Le Chameau calf boots that are nice but I usually wear the Le Chameau wellies.
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