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    Default Itís absolutely true

    ďFind a job you love and youíll never work againĒ

    Itís only flipping true!!!

    Spend all my day surrounded by wildlife. Every lunchtime is a picnic regardless. Walking up hills and down dale. No rush hour traffic unless getting stuck behind the odd tractor on winding country lanes (think postman pat credit sequence) is classed as rush hour. Get to put some decent outdoor gear through its paces. Donít have to deal with office morons. Dogs get an eight hour walk. Get as much shooting permission as anyone could ever need. Then to top it all off I got offered some fishing rights today. All that and Iím actually paid for spending the day there!!! No wonder Iím up and at it seven days a week without complaint.

    Some of my offices:

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    Default Re: Itís absolutely true

    you want someone to carry you're bags...... please

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    Default Re: Itís absolutely true

    What is winter like?

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    Default Re: Itís absolutely true

    to be a ghillie on any lake must be very very rewarding out in the fersh air, on a boat fishing,meeting some new characters,learning about the natural surroundings, learning and teaching different techniques,
    and to top it up getting paid for it,

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    Default Re: Itís absolutely true

    I have two "hobbies" that I get paid to do. From April through to October I am a fly fishing guide and from mid-September through to the end of January I have working gun dogs. It gets a bit tricky during that cross-over period in September/October and blo*dy boring during February and March.

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    Default Re: Itís absolutely true

    You are a lucky man Bob. I have spent most of my life working at jobs which I have not enjoyed. Yes, the money has been good but I can only describe it as a waste.

    If I offer my daughters one piece of advice then it would be to do something you enjoy. Fortunately, my eldest does that ( she teaches in a prison) and my youngest seems set on doing something she enjoys as well.

    As for me, at the ripe old age of 59, I am now determined to finally do something I enjoy.
    It's a paycheck, Jack.

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