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    The Tan house farm camp site Camping 4 Us at Longtown (near Abergavenny ) would be a fantastic base for pitching up and then you have miles of small stream/medium stream fishing via the Wye and Usk foundation at good prices.
    One of the WUF beats is at the bottom of the field there ! The upper Monnow it is and then a bunch more beats upstream very nearby from there and more on then next couple of valleys over . A bit further over west still you have the Usk and the two few beats are medium sized and fabulous and there's a bunch of small stream tribs up there too . A bit north of Longtown you have the upper Wye tribs and a bit further eastwards-ish theres the Arrow and Lugg beats .
    You can check out maps/beats on the WUF website and check out the feedback section for old and new fishing reports and the guys and girls at the office would be more then helpful if you call !

    BTW , not too sure now I think that Tan house lets caravans on ? A quick phone call would confirm ,there lovely people there , and if not then am sure there would be sites around Abergavenny for caravans .

    Biggest problem I have over there is deciding which river/beat to fish and some great fishing to be had !
    Decisions , decisions....
    If the weathers off the beer/food around there is great !
    Please feel free to pm me if ever you want some more specific info.

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    Hello Again Richard.

    Just thought that I'd mention it's worth using the contact button on York' dales website, Stu Minnikin is a proper gent and helped me out when I was just starting out even sending me diagrams of how to fish his patterns. Also check out his patterns in the Fly shop section they really work well up here particularly his cased caddis which catches my more fish than just about any other pattern.


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    Think about Teesdale. The Upper Tees is a small river with lots of wild brown trout. Day tickets from the Raby Estates at High Force Hotel or on line (see below). Also there are at least two caravan sites with their own free fishing. Check out Mickleton Mill and Leekworth Caravan Park.

    Fishing Permits - High Force

    Home | leekworth caravan and camping park | caravan park durham dales teesdale, camp site teesdale | caravan park durham dales | camping site durham dales

    Maybe see you there

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    Another vote for Leekworth, camped there last summer actually foul hooked a salmon, you can check it out on one of Jon Barnes videos and like he says in the video avoid school holidays. Like mentioned previously its a good base for the upper Tees.


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    Default Re: Small stream fishing around the country

    Thanks for all the info. We will probably make a trip north next summer.


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    Southern part of scotland has loads of completely free small stream fishing. Including water of leith that flows right through the middle of Edinburgh so theres plenty to keep the family happy

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