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    Default Cornwall free small streams

    Hi all,

    New to the forum and fly fishing. I was lucky enough to be given a Tenkara set up following a recent trip to Bosnia where I tried fly-fishing for the first time.
    I was looking to see if anyone had any up to date information on some free stretches where I can get learning and find some small trout suitable for a 8'6'' Tenkara in and around Cornwall.

    There is a lot on the forums, but not much recent and I don't want to tread on anyone's toes, get in the way, or break any laws. Any advice would be gratefully received
    I am based near Newquay, but keen for any info across the South West would be ace. Free would be nice to save money and find my way, as I say, not looking for anything big, just fun to get me going.

    Thanks all in advance!


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    Default Re: Cornwall free small streams

    Hi D,

    I was the same 4 years ago when i started, try to find free stretch of river around Cornwall is not easy the most well known one is Respryn bridge on the river Fowey. I've heard of people people fishing the Tavy in the centre of Tavistock.

    You best bet would be to get the westcountry passport you can find some rivers at low cost, there is a app you can download and have look.

    FISH PASS | Westcountry Angling Passport


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    Default Re: Cornwall free small streams

    Perranporth is not to far away to check out. Only been there a couple of times. You can start literally from the beach! First time one side of the stream had a path cut into the reeds and you could fish for both trout and Rudd. Had a trout over a pound from the under the railway bridge. Beyond that one side has private gardens. Legally you can fish from the other side but upto you whether worth the possible hassle. Last and second time the reeds hadn’t been cut back. That left a rather tight wade I didn’t think worth the hassle.
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    Default Re: Cornwall free small streams

    Thanks Anthony, Thanks beryl,

    I'll check out the West Country Pass and Respryn bridge for sure.

    Beryl, I think i know where you mean, up towards Bolingey yeah? I can't quite work out the access from google maps but i'll try take a look over the weekend if i get chance!


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