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    Default Re: The Wandle - London

    Hi all,

    Anyone tried the wandle recently?
    I m thinking of going for the first time and was wondering about what area would be best at this time of the year and what flies you would recommend...

    Will report on here if I end up going!



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    Default Re: The Wandle - London

    Would suggest you start around the Goat Pub area they have a new housing development happening by the bridge and they cleaned up the river there, great bit water now + always check just up to hack bridge where the road bridge is + down river from the goat
    do not forget Trout only till 16th june

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    Default Re: The Wandle - London

    Cool Goat Bridge is the “start” point I had identified so sounds good! My plan is to wade upstream from there and fish with my 7’9” 4wt rod, is that ok?
    Is wading doable or is it too deep?
    What tactics/flies would you recommend?

    Also I note your comments about trout only: I m definitely go for brownies, and full catch and release, but if fishing “blind” what happens if I catch another species (will be C&R too anyway)???

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    Default Re: The Wandle - London

    It's a tough nut to crack, but it yields some exceptional rewards!

    I wouldn't recommend trying to wade all the way upstream from Goat Bridge as you'll find yourself blocked by some weirs and some very deep pools. I'd consider wearing waders though as there are some stretches which lend themselves to being in the water, as well as some bank spots where, were you to hook a fish, you'd do best getting into the water in order to safely net and release them.

    I mostly use a fibreglass 6'8" 3wt, but your 7'9" 4wt is a great shout. I wouldn't ever really consider using anything longer than 8' as the banks are incredibly overgrown and somewhat inaccessible if you're carrying a longer rod.

    Flies-wise - anything goes! I've had most success using variations on the peeping caddis (not only for trout - in-season chub love them too). Daddies, olives and grey dusters have worked best for me when targeting rising fish. When the water dirties up then stick on something bushy and black. Some of the bruiser trout will go mad for a big old streamer!

    The Wandle trout are as skittish as anything, so I'd tread carefully, take your time and try not to swear when they inevitably spook at even the slightest disturbance!

    I'll be keen to hear how you get on.

    PS: once the coarse season opens, you'll find the river inundated by our 'brothers-from-other-mothers' chasing all the other species, making it all the more tricky to catch fish on fly. Why would a fish take an artificial fly when it knows it's likely to be offered some real 'food' by a bait angler? I'd say that your best bet is to head down early on a weekday if you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canefly View Post
    Some big trout in there! saw a chap on youtube catching them on bread
    Is that the 'trouting time' video? If that's the one I think you're talking about then it's an absolutely appalling example of fish-handling on what is already a hugely pressured water. The bloke lets some really good quality fish flop around on the grassy bank with little to no consideration for their well-being!

    There are some tanks in there, but videos like that make me wince!
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