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    Default All quiet on Small Streams.

    Not been on FFF for a while; hope everyone is having a great season. Not doing any Fly fishing myself these days, although I've not lost interest, just my mobility (walking) problems prevent me from fishing rivers and small streams.

    Regards to everyone.

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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    It's good to hear from you Mostyn, but sorry to hear about you mobility issues.
    It was your small stream thread that got me into small streams, which is what i mostly fish now and have to say i'm at my happiest when facing the challenge of these little streams, when i post about my fishing, i just post it in the rivers thread.
    Off to gym now then i'm off to fish one of my small streams, yippee.

    Take care and look after yourself fella.

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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    Good to hear from you. Hope you are well (other than the mobility).

    Kind regards,


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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    Hi Mostyn, good to see you are still looking in, sorry to hear of your mobility problems, it gets no easier as we age does it.?
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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    Hi Mostyn, lovely to hear from you.
    Sorry to hear about the health problems though.
    I'm off to small streams in Wales for ten days and that lovely reel of yours is packed to go, I'll catch one for you Pal
    Yes, I do heartily repent. I repent I had not done more mischief; and that we did not cut the throats of them that took us, and I am extremely sorry that you aren't hanged as well as we.

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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    Good to hear from you Mostyn.I would imagine that most small streams in southern England/wales are not at present ''Small streams''

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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    Hi Mostyn, thanks for looking in.
    Like many others on here, your fishing reports and photos inspired me to get into the small stream fishing, so many thanks
    Im still enjoying my small stream fishing as much as ever, especially with a bamboo rod, but i must say at times i question how many more years i will be able to crawl up and down the banks as its a very tough environment.
    I turned 60 this year and can't even drink beer like i used to
    Im really sorry to hear you are not able to get around like you used to, but I'm sure your knowledge would benefit us all on the forum, so please keep posting.

    best regards Steve

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    Default Re: All quiet on Small Streams.

    Hi Mostyn,

    Not sure if you'll pick this up, I'm back after quite an absence.

    Sorry to hear you aren't as fit as you used to be. It catches up on all of us.

    Why not give stillwater or coarse fishing a bash, you've got some decent waters local to you.

    Please keep posting though, we had some friendly banter in the past, remember our "discussions" on stock fish in the Usk.

    All the best for now.

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