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    Default Colour of fishing clothing???


    I'm looking to buy a new very lightweight waterproof to carry/wear in warmer conditions.

    I've started looking at walking/mountaineering jackets as there is little choice in very lightweight specific fishing coats.

    My question is: how important is colour??

    (The jacket I like best is only available locally in orange!! I was going to avoid it for that reason but it seems the likes of Simms and Vision produce orange jackets so is it a bad thing??)

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    The burnt Orange colour looks nice - but I prefer to wear stuff where I won't stick out like a sore thumb - especially on rivers when fishing for spooky wild trout.
    When all else fails , a running kick in the b0ll0x will often work wonders !!!

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    Colour does matter orange and bright yellow jackets are an effrontery to the eyes when fishing
    You must lose a fly to catch a trout. George Herbert

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    Hi Don...I do know that wearing bright orange or yellow is recommended if we want to be seen so conversely it must follow that those colours would be a bad thing if we don't want to be seen....

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    personally I like dark colours but a good Cammo jacket will break up your out line against the sky or bank,or you could get a sky blue one and totally disappear,but Orange NoNoNo, easker1

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    Haha! Reminds me of an old angling acquaintance who wore a fairly bright red jacket, he'd say " I've come to catch fish not bloody hide from them!"
    There's more to life than just fishing....but I ignore them.

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    Nevermind the fish, it looks terrible unless you are up a mountain.

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    The Simms and Vision jackets are not a really bright orange.....but they are still a little too bright in my opinion.

    I had the Vision jacket in the more sombre mustard lasted 4 months before it started to leak

    Simms are supposedly the best waterproofs out there, however I'm not going to pay 300+ for something to throw in the bottom of a boat and get covered in mud and fish slime.

    I've had the following breathable waterproof fishing clothing over the years :-


    All of it expensive rubbish that didn't last 6 months before leaking (the exception being Musto that lasted a full 12 - 14 months) then it was attempts to reproof the coats with Nix Way etc...again not worth the effort.

    For the last 12 months I've used a Vass-Tex PVC jacket and a Grundens Bib & Brace.....not exactly stylish but 100% waterproof and very hard wearing.

    I'd opt for a lightweight Pvc jacket

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    Anything drab. Which does include burnt orange. Typical US of A.
    I don't think we need to go cammo and it depends on where you fish!
    reservoirs or open waters then you can get away with greys (usually the colour of the sky ), if amongst vegetation then drab olives.
    Black can be as bright as orange and yellow.
    Why do my wading boot have bright lime green on them?
    I prefer not to be seen by humans. As for trout, must take more care next time.
    I have a wife and daughter. I'm always wrong and outnumbered.

    A Lancsy Lad.

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    Default Re: Colour of fishing clothing???

    Cammo and drab colours are invaluable for hiding from the general public and avoiding the usual bombardment with the same old questions. "are you fishing mister?" "no I'm baking a cake, whats it look like?"
    You can't see Saturn from the depths of Uranus

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