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Thread: River net

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    Quote Originally Posted by haggstock View Post
    The handle magnet is fine if you wear it on your hip hanging down . On your back , handle down is easier, as at the time you need to grab it your other hand will have a bent rod in it
    Thanks for the helpful comments.
    Now I understand why it comes with a lanyard.


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    Mcleans scoop net-last you a lifetime although the Leeda etc will do the job just as well. I use an Orvis coiled wire magnet lanyard with my Mcleans net and had it almost 10 years and still as good as the day i bought them !! Brodin far to expensive for what you get unless you're not short of a bob or two.

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    I bought one of the small Greys GS scoop nets last year and I'm pretty happy with it. It's light, has a good fat grippy handle and a magnet and bungee integrated into the end of the handle.

    Garry Evans currently have them listed as coming with a free Scierra magnetic clip, so you could use that to hang it handle end down. I hang mine from a D-Ring built into the back my jacket or from the side of my back pack.

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    Rubber meshes everytime.
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    Something to consider....what size fish are you expecting to encounter because a small net can only accommodate a small fish.
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