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Thread: Dubbin

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    Apologies if this is in the wrong place. New to Forum.
    Couple of seasons ago I made my own dubbing for my boots. It was OK, but rotted the stitching. I did this as an experiment and out of dissatisfaction with avaliable off the shelf brands.
    I wondered if anyone on the Forum can recommend a brand, or a recepie for home made that doesn't rot stitching.
    My boots take a lot of punishment.

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    No brand and no recipe but there was a time when we treated our motorcycle boots with neats foot oil, modern boot treatments are much better and a lot less smelly.
    I just rub boot polish well into the stitching every time I remember, the soles wear out and the eyelets give way long before the boots show signs of wear. Drying your boots is a must before treatment otherwise you trap water in the seams.

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    Nikwax do a leather spray treatment for boots. Far better than dubbin which allows dirt and grit to stick to it, same with some oils as they don't dry.
    I went from dubbin to shoe polish.
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    when I worked for the GPO telephones , in the 60's we had leather climbing belts and we were given a tin of "Belts Leather dressing"made by Brooks , it was made so it didn't rot the Stitching, so it had no neats foot oil , all I could make out was Beeswax and possibly Paraffin wax, or BW and Turpentine ( not The Subs)there are various recipes, have a visit to a saddler,but a good quality Boot polish is as good, easker1

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    I've been using Snoseal for perhaps twenty+ years now. Once a year is usually enough, although I do use Yeti Gaiters on top

    Atsko Unisex's SNO For leather OT Seal Wax, Multicoloured, 200 ml:
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    I use Renapur, brilliant product as it waterproofs and makes leather more supple. It's made from beeswax and other ingredients.I wouldn't use anything else, used on walking boots, motorcycling boots and leather m/cycle gloves.

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    Wasn't Vaseline Petroleum Jelly very similar?
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    This stuff is really good.
    Used on my motorcycle gear and leather boots for many years. kocholine

    As mentioned up thread though, it will leave the surface "tacky" and dust, grit, sand etc. will stick to it unless it is buffed up really well.
    Guaranteed not to rot stitching though.
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    On the boots I wear for picking up on driven game shoots I just use the proprietary Nikwax products and have no complaints. My boots get very hard use indeed - 55 days last season through woods, brambles, growing crops, maize cover crops etc.

    All I do at the end of each day is to scrub off any mud with a brush, apply the cleaning agent while the boot is still damp, rub it in well, wipe off any excess then follow up with the waterproofing agent. The boots are then left to dry in a warm place overnight and are ready to go next morning. I expect them to last me until I give up working in the shooting field.

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