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    Quote Originally Posted by arawa View Post
    My 1995 Sage RPL+ 9ft #5 has caught me many fish over the years and still does when I am out on a windy day.
    It was the first (of many!) expensive rod I bought and worth every penny.
    Me too. Its my goto rod and probably always will be

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    I've a 3 piece Precision Rod from Tudor works, lodge road, Redditch that my father was presented with when he won the All England back in the 1950s, its a nice thing but prefer my modern carbon for fishing

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    A fly rod is like a lightsaber its an example of incredible skill and confidence,

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    I use a Winston 9x5 LT 3pc Middle to tip action all the time it will cast a long line if necessary, and you still have fun with one pounders,
    Also a 8'6 x 5 Marcus warwick lovely rod,
    Two split cane rods, 6' & 7' feet great for brook fishing,
    Scott G series 8'4 x4 weight,
    Sage LL 9'x4 weight
    Sage RPL 9' x 6 x4pc,
    I use them all.

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