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    Default Re: Time to invest in a new wading jacket, boo boo !

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrtrout View Post
    Loads of iron on tape on eBay D, soon fix that, my Patagonia jacket did the same.

    I'll try some of that stuff, because, otherwise the jacket is fine.

    Perhaps a silly question, but should I peel off the old stuff first, or will the new tape iron over it?


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    Default Re: Time to invest in a new wading jacket, boo boo !

    Cm imo it's well worth paying the extra for a goretex jacket, if funds are low check ebay there's plenty of goretex jackets that will double up as a wading jacket for considerably less money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by eddleston123 View Post
    My Vision Vectra jacket after 60 visits (aprox 3.5 hours per visit) This year.

    The rest of the jacket is o.k. but it's leaking like a sive at the neck.

    Maybe there is some tape I can iron on. I don't know.

    upload photos online free

    This is round the neck area where the hood is attached.
    Put a damp towel over it then heat it with the iron and remove the tape then aquasure it, preferably thinned 50/50 but not essential imo.

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    Default Re: Time to invest in a new wading jacket, boo boo !

    Firstly I just want to thank you all for your input and advice, it was all very helpful and appreciated, it's good to know I can throw a question out into the void and get some seriously pertenent responses and well informed to boot, thanks fellas.
    So, I got the button and got the taimen wading jacket with a fleecy thrown in, it just arrived.
    First impressions out of the box coz I've not got anything wet in anger yet.
    The fleecy, snug, warm, I just got off a roof soaked to the skin, put it on and am still appreciating it !
    Not much in the way of pockets though, it's a stand alone thing, not very practical but after all it's just a fleecy so, I was wet and cold, well, now I'm warm !, Job done I guess.
    The wading jacket..., Well it fits they're description, nothing more, nothing less. The quality of the cloth I'm a bit dubious about but then again, I'm used to a waxed jacket, what do I know, maybe that's the way this material is, I'll pass judgement after a rain atom. Outside pockets, bundles, more than I need, inside pockets, can't find one, bit ****** about that to be honest. The hood seems good and adjustable.
    So for the money ?
    I'll let you know after a good rain on the river but from someone who is used to waxed, posh jackets, hmm, I've got my doubts but am completely open to be converted
    Bottom line, for the money, what more do you want ?
    But... Next rainstorm, I really want to be happy and dry, I'll let you know how that works out !
    Yes, I do heartily repent. I repent I had not done more mischief; and that we did not cut the throats of them that took us, and I am extremely sorry that you aren't hanged as well as we.

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