25C far to hot for fishing at the GoldenLoch 15/07/2021 C&R


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Aug 29, 2012
On the water by 10.00 ,no wind clear sky Temp 20C water clarity clear to the bottom ,Quite a lot of weed on the water but still fishable . Owner John Nicol is worried with the continuing hot spell that removing more weed at this time could have a bad effect on the oxygen levels . Talking to the single angler he had taken 3 fish before 8.30 in the morning but did not touch another fish all day . As usual I tried various flies all on the surface I covered a few fish over the four hours but ended up with none . A complete turnaround from the 6th of July where we had 10 to the boat and lost as many .When I came off the temp was 25C . I have had enough heat give me a cold day in February anytime !

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