26-April-2021, Fishery Blog, Week 17.


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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2021

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Water Temp 9.3 Degrees – Secchi is 5 ft

“The Goldenloch”

26-April-2021, Fishery Blog, Week 17.

This last week the fishing has just got better and better, the fish we have at the Goldenloch are well acclimatised to natural feeding, making them a tad harder to catch, they however are fighting like demons, several people reporting that they are a hard catch, but when the right flies or combination of flies are used, the fishing can be amazing, last year we had lockdown at this time and there were no anglers, so a large blanket weed onslaught went relatively un noticed, this year however it has been a proper pain, it doesn’t really affect the fishing but it can become annoying when it gets on hooks, what it has done however is made the water crystal clear, this weed is a type of algae, scientifically called filamentous algae. It is also commonly known as string algae or silk weed. The benefits are amazing, bugs live it, the freshwater shrimp population just now is trillions, tadpoles eat it, it uses up washed out fertiliser from the fields and keeps the water healthy, water clarity these days is the secret to a healthy loch, however it only takes very little to shake or change these conditions, the fish can be seen just now quite clearly from the boats, in the years gone, we used to use herbicides and pesticides to control weed and algae, which was easily done, but with the global warming and change in rainfall weed growth is now crazy and unpredictable, two seasons ago we had a vacuum tanker to suck the cut weeds and stuff out the water, it was brilliant however too much suck saw the tank collapse, so a mk11 version has been acquired, its good, really good it doesn’t need a tractor to power it, easy to move with a 2 inch suction hose, the fishing has picked up, it’s now amazing, with the rise in water temperature, some lads catches have been outstanding but noticeable is that the fish have gone off lures, moving onto buzzers, some dries, older traditional flies, Rod Thaw and Dave Wilson probably had their best days fishing ever on Saturday, as did Brian (Kaptain) Kemp, who had 12, Brian who only this year started tying his own flies was using his own buzzers, he moved all around the loch just trying out his flies and generally really enjoying his fishing outing, what is noted this year is that a lot of the fish being caught are 3lbs 4lbs 5lbs in size, with the odd one or two bigger, our buy in size is up to a kilo so these bigger fish have been in the water for a long time

Fly Fishing is a Pastime, it is not only relaxing, but also rewarding, both mentally and physically, come to the “Goldenloch” enjoy your Hobby to the max, no stress, only tranquil surroundings abundant wildlife, great fish, Brown, Blues and Rainbows, you will not be disappointed. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up Postcode KY14 6HZ


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