3 Ways To Catch More Fish With The Finygo Fishing App


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Jun 8, 2009
Brighton, UK
Back in December we introduced you to a new fishing app called Finygo designed to help you track your progress, analyse your catches and use your experience for greater fishing success. You can find that thread called A Fishing App for UK Fly Fishers here.

As a follow up we are now sharing this short article with you written by one of their partner anglers from the USA about how you can use the app to potentially benefit your fishing.

3 Ways To Catch More Fish With The Finygo Fishing App

By Debbie Hanson for Finygo.com

Debbie Hanson, a professional fishing writer from Florida with a nice peacock bass.

Are you wondering why you’re not catching more fish on each trip? Or, at least getting more takes, even if you aren’t actually landing the fish?

How Is Your Experience Important?
Hours of time spent on the water with little to no action can be extremely frustrating and humbling as an angler. Although, you may also want to ask yourself, how much are you really mentally recording about your fishing experiences? Well, keep reading if you aren’t sure, but want to find out about how to catch more fish… starting now and using Finygo.

No one wants to carry a spiral notebook around to use as a fishing log. I mean c’mon, that’s a method you might have used circa 1990, but now that we all carry mobile phones around with us to take photos of our catches, it’s easy to create your own personal fishing guides and record your angling achievements using the Finygo app.

3 Ways To Catch More Fish
Check out these three sure-fire ways to catch more fish using Finygo:

1) Pay close attention to the weather conditions. This not only means the day of your trip, but the two or three days before and after a fishing trip as well. Add weather information when you create guides within the app that pertain to your trips. Did it just rain? Has a cold front come through? Once you’ve recorded a few weeks worth of trip data, look for weather trends that correlate with your best fishing days.

2) Monitor fish feeding behaviour closely. In order to catch fish, you have to “match the hatch” while presenting your fly, bait or lure the right way. For example, if you see a peacock bass hitting shiners near the surface, you might want to mark the spot and then try to cast out a floating crankbait in a similar colour. This is a great way to use the Finygo guide system to your advantage — it can refresh your memory on where you saw fish actively feeding or to share fishing tips with a select group of friends.

3) Tracking your individual angling progress. Catching fish means making constant adjustments, but how do you know which techniques and adjustments are producing results? The answer is easy; track your catches using Finygo. By doing this, you can see how you (and your techniques) are performing over time. You can even earn awards for your personal best fish and top five species catches.

What To Watch For
By being mindful of the weather, monitoring fish feeding behaviour, and tracking your progress, you will catch more fish. Sound like a bit of work? Well, it is, but then again isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you land that trophy fish you’ve been dreaming about? Heaven knows that it’s hard for me to remember what I had for breakfast this morning, so I’m thrilled to have a tool like Finygo that will help me become a better angler.

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Debbie Hanson is an award-winning writer and avid angler who lives in Fort Myers, Florida. Debbie writes for publications such as USA Today, Hunt & Fish and BoatUS Magazine. She is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) and the Florida Outdoor Writers Association (FOWA).