A simply mad spinning reel

Mar 6, 2017
Occasionally, a reel just makes you smile.

How much Cognac does one have to drink to design this?

This is one of the weirdest vintage spinning reels you can find. The size of an Altex No.3 and with the finesse of barbarian horde. The guilty maker is S. Allcock & Co. France. Named the “OTO” reel, I have seen a handful but not more.



Perhaps OTO is “Odd Truly Odd,” who knows? Factory twisting foot and a crosswind black Bakelite spool with an exaggerated wobble. The rear casing is stamped with the maker’s details and “Fabrication Francaise Systeme Janemian” (Janemian System) which I assume is the designer of the rotating wobbling spool idea. It’s based on or influenced by the UK Allcock’s Felton Crosswind but like many French products, it’s more flamboyant. With a rear alloy crank handle and working drag adjuster, this reel has it all. A fully working reel and a great addition to any early spinning reel collection, and I imagine great fun to use. in stock at the time of writing, click here to view our listing.

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