a slight change to classifieds. DONT PANIC

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May 24, 2011
Hi All,We have been awaiting to put up details on this but time seems to be against us sometimes and other things take priotity.

So to explain a little.In the coming days we will see sales threads automatically closed which will bring it in line with the SFF forum.The system itself will do this and will save us time in closing the threads.

Now before you go into burn out,the OP will be able to adjust their post at anytime and when sold,will be able to place "SOLD" at the end of the post or at the start,BUT must not replace the price,it must stay on the post.
It does not effect the amount to sell ,ie still 2 items per section making 10 items per month to total overall value of £1000.

So why is this being done.

It stops bumping of posts,it also stops new members resurrecting old threads in order to boost post counts,it stops posts having to be removed due to comments of no interest in sale,which is what tackle talk is about anyways,It saves us a lot of time and leaves the member to deal with the sale by pm which is ,should you read the posts,members always put pm me for details on the post.It means that the member has full control of the post he places up and then deals with it on PM.It stops all the questions clogging up the forum with Nice rod,I have one,best of luck with sale etc etc.You can now do that with pm to seller if you wish.
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