A thumbs up for Guide Fly Fishing


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May 17, 2006
I've been using the same Vision 3-Zone reel for holiday SWFF since 2001 and it's always done the job, even in Florida. Being composite, a quick wash in fresh water after each session was all it needed.

I dropped it on a hardwood floor whilst rigging up in Devon this summer and the threaded metal shaft running through the centre of the reel snapped next to the drag kn0b.

There was just enough thread left to screw it back on, but that meant the drag was far too tight. Still, it saw me through the rest of that week.....

I've been looking around for a replacement since then and not finding anything that seemed better suited and I didn't fancy transferring all that backing onto a new reel if I could avoid it. So last week on the off chance, I contacted Vision who redirected me to Guide.

Guide found a previously canibalised 3-Zone, (the last one), in their workshop, stripped the necessary parts out and posted them to me for the princely sum of £6.34!

I fitted the new shaft yesterday and the reel is restored.

Many thanks to Guide for such excellent customer service............