Any photos of fish from the North Esk, Scotland


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Aug 20, 2020
Hello, I'm a postgrad student looking for photos I could use for my thesis, in this part of my project I'm looking at detecting disease/parasites on fish in our rivers through social media/forums. After all, the people who spend most of the time by the rivers should be the best source of information!
Any photos that I could use I would be grateful for (the photos won't be published anywhere, only for me to analyse, and any results would be purely anonymous). All photos accepted! both with fungus/lice AND healthy fish without any sign of disease :) Caught fish, wild swimming fish, dead fish, holding the catch for a photo, etc...
If you could tell me the month/year you caught the fish that would be very useful as well as rough location. No repercussions and it will contribute towards monitoring health in wild fish populations.
Many many Thanks all!

Cap'n Fishy

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Sep 29, 2008
Only photo I have from the only time I fished the North Esk - caught below Morphie Dyke on 06 March 2011.


Couldn't get any closer, as I was on the other bank at the time. I did catch one myself that day, but no pics, as I would have needed someone else to photograph it. However, I can report is was in good health with no signs of parasites or disease.