Arbor Knot


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Mar 13, 2008
Arbor Knot

How to tie the Arbor Knot for fixing line or backing to the reel spool. A very quick way of attaching a new spool of backing or line to the 'arbor' or spool of a reel. Make sure to pull on the knot once completed to be sure it does not slip!

Tying Instructions

1. Before attaching the backing to the spool, or arbor, make sure that your reel has been set-up for your preference of right or left-hand wind.


2. Start by tying a single thumb or overhand knot, in the tag-end of the backing. Now take this end of the backing and thread it over the spool, round the spool and out again, between the spool and the reel frame. Make sure that the backing goes in and out of the right place.


3. Take the knotted tag end and use this to tie an overhand knot around the the standing part of the backing. Before tightening this knot, work the loop as close to the arbor as you can and then tighten it. The first knot that you tied will act as a stopper knot for the second.

Graphics of knots drawn by Tim Pegg of Thilmcraft Graphics. E-mail:
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