Baltic at the Goldenloch 5/10/2021 C&R


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Aug 29, 2012
On the loch at 10.00am water clarity 6 feet wind from the north west light rain temp 7C . I check the book in the bothy and find a lot of fish were caught yesterday. Some on lures some on hoppers .
As usual I am wearing what I always do through the autumn Duh!!
I found I was missing my scarf and jumper having tidied the car up at the weekend I had not replaced them .
Moved about the loch for a bit and settled in the middle where fish were turning over ,with a cast of hoppers I took one right away and half an hour later took a nice 3 pounder . Twenty minutes later and reluctant to leave rising fish ,
I call it a day chilled to the marrow you can bet your boots next week I shall be better prepared .
Short session today two and a half hours .
I was the only ***** on the water ,maybe common sense is lacking somewhere.
Scuttled home to a warm shower and glad to feel normal again .