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Jul 28, 2009
Cumbria beside the field with the sheep in it.
Well this Benchill (Malloch version) must be the first fly I've tied in over 6 month so still some rust to come off yet. I was short of quite a few materials which I've managed to get over the last few week. Still short of a nice JC cape which seem very thin on the ground lately particularly the paler nailed ones which are more desirable for classic tiers and with a high volume of un-split nails. I have a few of these Mustad eyed hooks left so thought I'd use them up first but they can also have the ends snipped off and a blind eye filed in to tie gut onto if desired. Tied at 2/0.


Tag - oval silver & claret floss.
Tail - GP topping and Ibis (subbed with Goose dyed red).
Butt - Ostrich herl.
Body - yellow floss, orange, claret and light blue Seal's fur in equal sections.
Ribs - oval silver tinsel & flat silver tinsel.
Throat - light blue cock hackle.
Wings - GP tippet strands, Bustard, grey Mottled Turkey, GP tail, Goose dyed red, yellow, blue,
Teal, Bronze Mallard and GP topping over.
Sides - Jungle Cock.
Horns - red Macaw.

Thanks for looking.


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