Blagdon Chew and Barrow new management


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Apr 23, 2020
SWLT take over the fishing.....could be disaster
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Bristol Water Fisheries

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We announced recently that we are looking for a partner to run fishing on our lakes. We’re fully committed to making sure fishing remains on our lakes in the long-term future.
A number of parties expressed interest in running the fisheries and we have decided to go forward with a Lakes Trust approach with South West Lakes Trust (SWLT). It is likely that the trust will be called Bristol Water Lakes Trust. However, there are some challenges which must be overcome, and so we will maintain contact with another group who also presented a very compelling case.
SWLT shares our vision for fisheries on the lakes and shares our values on conserving and enhancing the area.
Work has now started to work out the detail of how the partnership will work and we expect this to be complete by the end of 2021. The local angling community will have a voice in the discussions to ensure the partnership works for people.
Until this work is complete the fisheries will continue to be run by Bristol Water Fisheries.
In the meantime we hope you are enjoying the start of the season and all bookings made will be honoured.
B W Lakeside Team


May 9, 2014
I fish the Bristol waters and Wimbleball I will not fish a South West lakes water because it was managed so bad, I dread to think what might happen now. Wimbleball has now got the anglers back after SWL trust shut down the fishing, since another took over the management. I pray that two of the UK outstanding trout waters continues to stay the same but have grave concerns.


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Jun 30, 2020
I think the SWLT have a difficult job with limited revenue. I fish the brown trout fisheries Colliford, Roadford and Fernworthy and they offer excellent sport and value. I understand there were problems with Wimbleball and imagine Chew, Blagdon, etc. will be problematic too. People want to fish for large populations of big, grown-on rainbows and browns and that is where the money issues start.


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Nov 14, 2008
West Riding of Yorkshire
I can't see why it shouldn't work, we as a club run our fishing and its well stocked, plus we work on a not for profit basis.
The only people who get any money are the fish farms, rent and for other running expenses, any left gets put back into stocking.