Bristol (and nearby - Exmoor/Devon/Somerset, S Wales)


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Anyone in Bristol or nearby fancy a fishing buddy?

I'm newish to fly fishing, excited for streams and happy to fish smallish/cheapish stillwaters too.

I'm 30, from Devon and moved to Bristol after 18mo in London and a few years abroad.


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I live up the road in South Wales and fish the Usk in the evenings (7pm to 10pm) when the toddler is asleep. You're welcome to join me, especially when 'duffers fortnight' kicks off in earnest. My beat is easily accessible and cheeeeeep. Mostly easy wading as well. Drop me a PM if that tickles your fancy. I am also pretty new to fly fishing, not really a year yet. Used to coarse fish lots when I was a lad.

Don't tend to fish much at the weekends, as I tend to spend that time with the family. But if you like the sound of evening raids, then that's great.

There's a couple of good small 'commercial' stillwaters in the Wye Valley, which are cheap. Ravensnest and Bigwell. There's lots of other good small club waters, Pen-y-Fan pond, Llandegfedd, Cwmtillery Res, Ynys-y-fro which are all cheap. Tho I've not fished all of them, they're all near Bristol. Obviously there's the big Bristol reservoirs as well.


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I'm in, or at least very near to Bristol so if you fancy a chat, I'll p.m. you my contact number(s). I can fish most days & as well as paying petrol expenses, fishing with me is free, as I'm "sponsored" for same.

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