Bruce and Walker Expert Reel/Shakespeare Switch 7/8


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Sep 24, 2020
Hi folks,

New to here and trying to get myself into salmon fishing. As such, my partner treated me to the above rod after seeing it on John Norris for 70 quid as a kind of bridge to before shelling out for larger salmon set up.

To complement I've managed to pick up a Bruce and Walker expert series reel, but being the fairly new to the fly, and never having used a click and pawg reel, I'm trying to figure out if I've converted the reel right (I'm a right hand wind).

I worked out that the metal triangle bit (technical I know) is the bit that's clicking and causing the drag. But what I'm not sure of it if its supposed to be clicking on both sides? When it had only 1 side in, I didn't feel like it was giving as much drag as I would have thought. Found that I can flip over the metal on the other side so it works in the same direction as the other one. Have I done this right?


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Feb 27, 2009
West Lothian Scotland
Hi Chris welcome to the forum.
I've only got one pawl engaged I believe the 2nd one is for a left handed fisher so you pick one or the other, you don't need a lot of drag just enough to stop the reel running on after a pull on the line.