Bruce and Walker restoration


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Jun 18, 2006
Inspired by Lewis Chessman's posts on restoring his Thomas and Thomas 91/2ft #7 rod and my need to acquire a #9 rod to handle my #7 40+ flyline, I recently acquired a well used Bruce and Walker 91/2ft #8/10 2 piece Reservoir flyrod.
The rod was in a poor state with mud remains and no bag. The matt black blank showed some scuff marks, the handle was still covered in plastic although underneath were damp stains and some cork was missing from the very front of the cork handle. The rod had lined rings throughout duly whipped in green. The keeper ring was well forward of the handle, which was to my liking. There was no whipping to the tip ring. The reel fitting was a Fuji and the decal showed the origin of the rod but was in a dreadful state.
The first thing I did was to give the rod a good wash with a small brush beneath a running tap. The next thing that I addressed was the tatty logo. It was stuck to the blank. I managed to peel it off with my finger nail and then removed the stubborn adhesive with white spirit. I sanded a wine cork to dust and mixed with some wood glue to make a paste suitable for filling the the front of the cork handle. This was duly left to dry and later shaped with a nail file. The result blended in well. The plastic cover on the handle was then carefully removed to reveal a good, albeit stained handle.
Some candle wax was applied to the spigot and I was ready to give it a try.
The first casts were with #7 lines, which worked.. just. So I tried a #8 shooting head backed with braided nylon. That went very well and the shoot looked as long as the head. So it looks as if I have found a rod that will be a match for my #7 40+.


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