Chew possibly under threat


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Oct 24, 2007
Martin Cottis circulated this letter to all members of the Bristol Reservoir Fly Fishing Association. Certainly worrying and just hope fears are unfounded.
Dear All,

With all the bad news we have had this year it is good to know that those who wish to carry on fishing through to Christmas and beyond now can. I heard yesterday that Chew and Barrow Tanks will remain open to the end of December. I have not had the opportunity to try either of them, I have been a bit side-tracked by the great chub fishing on the Bristol Avon….. But maybe a mild day in December might drag me out.

I have heard rumours circling about the future of Chew and especially its trout fishing. I know that management at Bristol Water are meeting fisheries staff next week. Our club Chairman, Richard Evershed and I were due to have a meeting with Bristol Water senior staff in October, but, that never happened. We kept pressing for it but it just didn’t take place. We are still requesting a meeting with Steve Smith’s boss and have even gone to the top and asked Mel Karam to attend any meetings that we have. I will keep you in the picture….

In the meantime, we need as much help going forward as we can get. So, with that in mind a few of us have thought about “bombing" Bristol Water with as many compliments as we can get through. If we either phone or email Customer Services with praise/compliments, these ALWAYS get published at B.W. on their inflow page and could be quite important for us. It will certainly have no ill effect!

I know that it has been a difficult year on Chew for boat anglers, but the bank fishing has been excellent, and Blagdon generally has been decent. The tanks have had some excellent times too. So, if you have had some great fishing let Bristol Water head office know. If getting out after that first lockdown was good for your mental health, and I can say for sure it was good for mine, let them know. If you are enjoying this lovely mild winter and catching off the banks, let them know.

So, lets all make an effort on behalf of our futures, and hope it isn’t too late.

You can either phone a message through or email it. Either way, make sure that you say it is a “COMPLIMENT” as that flags up certain procedures.

The phone number for Customer Services is: 0345 600 3600

The email address for Customer Services is:

Please, at least think about our future and doing something about it.


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Jul 3, 2016
At the risk of causing an outcry I recall that in the past competitions have been switched to Chew to help save the fishery. This may be fine but it does take bread from the mouths of other fisheries - there is only so much to go around.