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Apr 16, 2007
One of these was my first ever boat, back in 1967 at the age of 7. This one is a bit different, it was an experimental example that was laying at Avon for years, unused and is the reason it is virtually unused and perfect. It dates from 1977 and instead of the loose bottom boards these are birch plywood fitted and battoned boards to give a more rigid bottom and to hold the inflatable keel bladder in place. The inflatable keel hog shapes the bottom to a slight vee, rather than the loose fabric flat bottom of the original. I used to go fishing from mine, out on the Carrick Roads and the creeks, then when we moved to the Yealm out on the outer reefs around the Mewstone and along the shore as far as Stoke beach. The little Yamaha 3.5AC 2-stroke is absolutely bullet proof, many were tuned up to 5hp and withstood years of abuse as tender engines. I am looking forward to getting out on her after the bass and pollack. Maybe even pike on some lochs. I can pick the entire boat bag up in one hand. Similarly the little motor only weighs about 13kgs, with fuel.




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Mar 23, 2011
Very nice! We see a fair number of SIBs being launched inshore by sea anglers here. You're absolutely right about the AC series of Yammies. My AC 4 has never missed a beat and starts on the 2nd gentle pull no matter what. Then again, like you, I look after it well in comparison to some!