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Jan 27, 2010
To make the classified section as fair as possible to all, we are making a few changes.

Members with over 100 posts can now sell 2 used items per month in each of the classifieds sections. This means one item/lot to one thread. A member can sell e.g. one book in one thread but can also e.g. offer a rod, reel and line as a lot if one price is asked for the complete outfit, a box of used flies is one sale if sold as one lot, at one price for that lot etc. Threads will be modified or deleted if threads do not comply.

Should a member wish to sell more items in that month he/she must contact us to enquire about a trade membership of the forums.

Finally a few reminders:
- Member who wish to make posts of a commercial nature must upgrade to a Trade membership, contact us at for further details. Commercial posts put up by non Trade members may be deleted without notice.
- Deliberate bumping of threads is not allowed.
- Only post on a thread if you are interested in the item on sale.
- Finally, please do not sell on behalf of friends as your thread will be removed.

As we have received a number of complaints of members spoiling threads on members classified sales we feel its time to remind members on some of the rules for reference in future.

When a member places a sales post,it will automatically be closed.All replies to the sale will be between seller and buyer by PM only.The thread will not allow replies to it,only by PM.

The member placing the ad,will be able to amend it as required only.

When the item is sold,the seller must change the post and add "sold" to it,DO NOT REPLACE THE PRICE with sold,the price must remain.We will stop future sales if this keeps happening.

Please always state price in post,any without a price, will be removed.

Once item is sold we will close the thread.

All items sold,must be marked on the selling post.Do Not remove price with sold.Leave price on post for reference for members.We will remove classified status if a member persists removing prices with sold,for 1 month.

No links to same item to any other site or ebay.These will also be removed.

If you are not intending to buy an item or have no intentions of buying,including assisting others by placing a comment to help bump it please keep off the thread as it does not help.

Items placed in classifieds ie 1 item per post, although we do give some allowances to certain items which is understandable ie items of fly tying as long as it is not trading.Flies tied by individuals to sell are not allowed unless they are "used flies" and being cleared to replace.(We do observe other sites other than here)

Problems that arise between buyer and seller,as always, we will try and assist where we can, but ultimately it is between themselves to sort out.We will assist with any legalities which may arise.

We will not inform members by Pm and will delete if we see a thread which has broken the rules of classifieds such as repeatedly bumping and ignoring warnings left on the posts and will restrict their classified status.

In addition to the rules we have set a limit on selling an individual item/items to a maximum of £1000.Any item or items as job lots over this amount will be deleted.

Classifieds is a perk for members and not to be abused and the 100 post rule is the minimum guide but in some circumstances we will extend this for reasons such as not enough input elsewhere on the forum and just boosting post counts with "nice fly" "ok thanks" so as they can sell items .

Paypal gift causes many problems and we recommend it is not used as there is no comeback,either to buyer or seller in these instances.
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