Cold day on Raith Lake 2/03/2021 C&R session


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Aug 29, 2012
Eleven weeks since I was out on the water ,great to get out of the house (stir crazy does not even come close )
On the water by 10.00 no wind to speak of ,overcast with a Temperature of 3C Water clarity about 2 feet ..No need to anchor as the was only a small discernible drift .. One boat already on the water with another coming on at 11.00pm . I am seeing an odd swirl of minnows but I only saw 2 fish on the top the whole session . I covered the North shore then did the same with the South side from the Bothy to the weir . A lot of water going down the weir. Came out from the weir, round the point and worked up the south side to the west end halfway up I had a couple of knocks fishing a Tequila fab on the tail took it back and passed the spot again and had a decent pull definitely on the fab . Had another drift same spot (the tree where the cormorant sits ) Got a fish on for all of 5 seconds . Time was up and I may have got a fish in that spot if I had another half hour . Still I was happy to come off as I was quite chilled .At least I had bent my rod for the first time this year .