Courtlough Trout Fishery, Balbriggan, Co Dublin.

Nov 21, 2011
Hi all.

First post on this great forum. I was a member on here a few years ago but lost interest in fly fishing but have finally seen sense and got back into it.

Anyway I just wanted to let any irish anglers on here about Courtlough Trout Fishery in Balbriggan. This is a really great fishery that's run brilliantly by Garrett Ruigrok who is a really genuine nice bloke who would go to no end to help you, beginner or experienced.

Me and a friend fished here yesterday and had a great day, I ended up with 25 fish and my friend had 18, all mostly to buzzers. Biggest I had was about 6 lb and a few 4 and 5 lbers for good measure, my friend had similar. I also lost a big fish that I just couldn't stop before the hook sadly pulled. Also my friend and I had a double hook up each straight after each other, he landed his two I only landed one. A big fish estimated to be 14 lb was lost on Saturday, the fish took a size 16 shuttle cock buzzer, hook straightend out. Garret said he never out put fish in that size so the trout are obviously feeding well and piling on the weight. There are a few doubles in the lake I believe.

It's 20 euro for the day (9.30 - 6.00) which seems to be the going rate for most trout fisheries here in Ireland. Also Garrett is doing a special offer, every 5 trips you take to courtlough you get the next one for free.

Again Garrett is a gentleman and has the fishery spotless and has an amazing stock of fish of all sizes in the lake.

I will attach some pictures from yesterday when I get home from work.



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Mar 12, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Garrets a good lad, will second that. He'll always help you out and give advice and more importantly he'll give you his time. Heading up there tomorrow. Any fish rising to dries?


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Mar 2, 2009
Great fishery. Fished there few times myself. Nothing but the good words for the lads there :thumbs: