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Nov 30, 2009
Goldenloch Fishing Report 2020
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Secchi-5 feet + Temperature 7.00 degrees Oxygen – high
“The Goldenloch”
March-29th-2020-Week-12-Lockdown Week-1
What a Rubbish week, the first week of good weather this year, every night loads of fish rising, dare I say it, but the Osprey is back, OK just once, it came had a look and went, So it's been quite a tough week, I think this is the first time in 30 odd years that there's been nobody here, I reckon some of you guys must be going stark raving crazy, it is disappointing to note there are still places open for fishing, and some advertising that they're going to be open sometime soon, I can see why it's all a question of economics, but when life is involved or others’ lives, it is not worth the cost, it really is ridiculous to think that people would go and meet up in gatherings or even just a few, have had offers of people wanting to come and help pull out weed etcetera, doing some odd jobs about the place but honestly travelling and contact are what the government are trying to avoid, so sorry guys but best everybody stay at home I think if you got caught at the fishery you would get locked up, we will survive we've got an awful lot of work that we can be getting done with, I wish now I had emptied the loch, I said I was going to do it, then I was persuaded not to, hey ho we live in learn, the coming few weeks or even months are going to be hard and we're going to have to have a good sense of humour, I really do feel for all the people that lost jobs, I really don't believe that the government are going to come good for business in their promises for financial aid, they may do it for big companies like JCB, Jaguar Rover, but no way have they got the cash,
So on the loch I have started yesterday with my new seasonal job of stickleback traps, 7 laid and another 7 to follow, the outboard died on me, luckily the wind took me to the side, A year ago I had my dislocated and broken shoulder, that put on hold all the plans I had in my head that we were going to do in April and May 2019, however this year although I still have a sore shoulder I'm planning to start where we were a year ago, I am not going fallout of any boats.
Sadly today, Sunday 29th, we heard the sad news that a really good guy, a chap that had a heart of gold, he would do anything to help you, was learning to be a superb fly tyer, Steven Scobie (Scud) to many, died at 38, Steven taught his girlfriend Tammi to fish here, he often would turn up just randomly with his latest creation of (troot food), only two days ago he was here, sitting on the bench in front of Gavin’s house unable to fish because of the lockdown, he was catching hatching flies, of the water, I will miss him, his massive smile, his cheeky comments but most of all just his plain honest outlook on life, he has two children a boy and a girl and he had big plans to teach them to fish, and poor Tammi, you meant everything to him our thoughts are with you all, take care and we are thinking about you,
John, Anne, Gavin, Laura and all the kids
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