Cregennen Lakes, Gwynedd


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Jul 5, 2011
Like several lakes in this area, the setting and surrounding landscape are superb. The roads to approach the lakes from any direction take you through great countryside and some fantastic views. There is a permit for the bigger lake with wild browns and a smaller lake with decent head of average sized stocked rainbows (including a few blues, at least one year) as well as a good head of wild fish. Take your pick.

The average size of the wild browns are in the usual bracket and the rainbows generally not particularly large by modern lowland stillwater standards, but probably appropriate for this size upland water and the available food supply.

Can't rate terribly high on facilities because there aren't a lot to rate - apart from parking, what do you actually need for small llyns in the hills? The less the better, to be honest. There is a boat on each lake but plenty of fish can be caught from the shore.

No need to go for heavy reservoir stuff, keep it light and enjoy yourself. Fly selection needs not be fancy either. Traditional small back stuff fished wet or dry will pick up plenty of fish. I am sure modern lures would also work just as well here, but they feel a bit over the top in such a location. Williams favourite, Coch's, dry hoppers, spiders have all worked well here - for me at least. Perfectly possible to have a great day here just practising catch and release.

Take a picnic, don't fish too hard and just enjoy being there. Recommended.:thumbs:


Apr 24, 2010
Fished here last 2014 on a wet misty day. Plenty of fish rising struggled for a while to get their interest but finally caught some very hard fighting blue trout fishing a small shrimp fly. Interestingly although I only had wellies on I could walk out far enough for fish to rise between me and the shore. Great views when the mist cleared and a lovely place to fish.

salmo mike

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Oct 7, 2010
Fished here today for the first time in 10 years.Been asking myself why I've left it so long.Fish were showing all over the lake and ended up with 22 rainbows and 7 brownies,mostly to small dries but later changed to small wets and 6 of the brownies fell to a small jersey herd.Biggest rainbow about a pound but what they lack in size,they make up in fighting qualities.Great fun on 4lb tippet.All were full finned and full tailed.(No stubby tails or fins)Well worth a visit if you are in the area

tall tom

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Sep 16, 2012
Fished up here for the first time this week, what a stunning location to go fishing. Got to fish both lakes wish my phone hadn’t died so I could of taken more pictures, fish are just a stunning as the location

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