Dog Diabetes


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Anyone out there living with a Diabetic dog?
I am, since we 'picked' it up in November and we're having a hell of a time getting the medication (caninsulin) right with respect to her blood sugar levels.
In our case we started the dose at 6, blood sugars stabilised immediately but 2 weeks later shot up and so it's been up to and including our present dosage of 10.

The dog is well and happy, albeit skinny, but I'm led to believe the longer we go with high blood sugars the more likelihood we have of 'diabetic blindness', and as we already have a blind boy, I'd rather the other one can see. Her weight is now too low but stabilised.

We have the utmost trust in our vet but wondered if anyone has approached the problem via a human type regime, not that I know what that is, but I understand it's done.

Cheers all.


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Make sure you check her diet. You could be feeding her something high in carbohydrates that triggers her high sugar. When you see foods that say "high protein" it may be actually claiming this protein from carbohydrates. It's not really about a "human" approach as it is a chemistry approach. If you can balance out her diet you will likely be able to balance out her medication.

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We had a Cairn terrier that lived with diabetes for six years from diagnosis, we had to use diastix to detect the sugar level then inject insulin according to the reading. The dogfood she got was special diabetic food. The vet bills were non stop but the dog was one of the family. Our biggest issue was when the dog wandered to our elderly neighbour at the back of our house , she felt sorry for the wee sad looking dog and fed it treats that knocked the dog off her sugar levels. Its a bit hard at forst but wort persevering, it kind of gets easier to deal with.