Double Turle Knot


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Mar 13, 2008
Double turle knot

Use: Tying on flies.

Description: This is an improved and more secure version of the simple turle knot.


1. Pass the end of the tippet through the eye of the hook and make two simple loops.


2. Carry the end of the tippet on and make an overhand knot around both loops.


3. Pass both loops over the hook, moisten and then use both parts of the tippet to draw the knot tight, snug against the eye of the hook.


4. Trim off the tag end.


Graphics of knots drawn by Tim Pegg of Thilmcraft Graphics. E-mail:


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Mar 4, 2011
I use, and have used for over 50 years, the following as used by my father, presumably originating from when gut was in vogue for leaders:
Pass leader through fly eye from front, leave fly to slide up leader out of the way. Make a simple slip knot in the end of the leader by forming a loop and passing a bight of the leader through it. Pull up reasonably tight, then pass a bight of the leader through the loop of that slip knot - basically a slip knot made with a slip knot, so double size knot which prevents a)slippage under pressure and b) knot coming through eye - retrieve fly, pass through loop of slip knot and tighten around hook shank over head. Gives a nice straight line with fly/leader, and doesn't allow fly to swivel around - good for salmon flies as they can turn and hook on to leader with knots tied to the eye alone. Used it for both salmon and trout over many years, never had any problems other than when used with pre-stretched leader monofil which I don't use now as I liked the fine diameter but the brittleness beat me.