Earwig-O: Noob rebuilds!


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Nov 9, 2009
South of England
I’m undertaking a partial rebuild of a 7’ #4 2pce. and a 9’ #5/6 4pce. The former has a damaged stripper guide and is a horrible, flashy olive finish, while the latter is a ‘Black’ finish but I don’t get on with the casting action, and if I can make it lighter it might end up as an improved #5. It certainly feels top-heavy with a #6 on it. If it all works out fine I’d next like to have a go at building a custom rod from a quality supplier, like Bloke Rods.

For now, I think I’ll keep the reel fittings and cork handles; they seem light enough and adequate for gripping and for holding the reel firmly … to my mind exactly what you need at the handle end! I intend to replace the stripper rings with slightly larger versions, and the snake rings with modern, single leg, angled rod rings. Various vids I’ve watched suggest that will improve the casting and shooting of line. The cork grips are okay in my hand but the 9’ model’s cork is poorly filled in places and I hope that careful sanding will improve the look. The handle on the 7’ looks good, but is on the stout side (like me) so should benefit from sanding too.

First I’ll take some photos, measure and record the ring spacings and ferrule/joint whippings, then set too a-stripping. Wish me bon chance!

I have to express mucho thanks to Lewis Chessman, codyarrow, and b13rux who have already helped me under the ‘Next Blanks’ thread and also introduced me to the world of spining, or indeed splining: dark arts!. It was the inestimable Mr Chessman who suggested I start a new thread for this project. Earwig-o!
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