end of an era


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Apr 2, 2009
well its official my beginners vice has died tonight ,the hooks keep slipping in the jaws ,and even with maximum force been applied ,i already turned the jaws up side down a while back to prolong its great life ,
through thick and thin it was always there for me ready to serve,i actually grown accostomed to its elegant lines ,with it long neck and tapered nose ,its a sad day for all of us here in the house ,no more me time with it .i will especially remember when it just arrived and how happy i was with it ,how it clenched its jaws at the slightest touch of its lever ,the many flies i tied with it some immediately spring to mind ,oh and to here that ping noise the hooks made just before a session again would be great , it truely had its place in the house ,,it was fond of the many tables it adorned ,
and even left its impression on some ,but we wont go there today,

it wont be forgotten