Eskdale Victoria.


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Oct 6, 2012
Melbourne Australia or Newcastle upon Tyne .
A great couple of days fishing in NE Victoria on the little Snowy and Mita rivers,loads of hoppers about .fished the little Snowy through the day with plenty of brown trout happy to take hoppers off the top . Most fish about the 1 1/2 lb mark great fun on a 4#Bamboo rod. My mate fished with a nymph on his little 3# bamboo and got quite a surprise when he hooked into a carp of about 6lb gave him a good fight but was disappointed it was not a trout. The little snowy is really just a small stream with a very healthy population of wild trout mainly Browns but the odd rainbow now and again.( more rainbows higher up) We were disappointed to see a carp in such a pretty stream it was dispatched and left on the bank for the local wildlife. All the trout were safely returned to the water. In the evening the Mitta provided some great sport with a couple of fish hitting the 3lb mark and I was snapped off by a much bigger fish, double figure fish are sometimes caught out of the Mitta not very often but there are some huge trout in the Mitta . We had decided to fish mostly the small stream because the Mitta was up. Anyway I enjoy small streams fishing dries . Can't wait for next time we'll worth the 5hr trip to get up there from Melbourne, we stayed at the little pub in Eskdale close to the rivers and a decent meal with a couple of cold beers to finish off the day.
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