February-22-02-2021, Fishery Blog, Week 08.


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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2021
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“The Goldenloch”
February-22-02-2021, Fishery Blog, Week 08.

I was really hoping that this coming week, on Tuesday we would see a relaxation of the current travel rules, however this doesn’t now look very likely, this evil pandemic is now everywhere, “Branston” in Abernethy, “Fire station” In Perth, pretty much a lot more about than ever before, However I would say that the powers in charge whether it be the NHS or Police, they seem to be on top of it, are very swift at keeping people safe and inside, which is what we need to do, yep as a fishery, I do want to be open, I don’t regret the decision to close in late December, it definitely saved me countless days of going out to break ice, and the peace of mind that during the worst days of the coronavirus spread we weren’t having people coming here from different households, it would be irresponsible of me to start up again to quick, however is the risk still high, it is getting much lower, that’s for sure, based on early Januarys figure’s, pretty much when we do open and I would like to say optimistically the 1st of March, the rule will be for sure , no hut access, anglers stay apart, no contact, have correct money, sanitise your hands, boats will be disinfected, it would be preferred, single anglers to each boat, unless anglers arrive together, it will only work if you make it work, Cars must be returned to the Car Park, this causes problems blocking people in, I will not be welcoming anyone, nor seeing anyone off the water, but we have a camera system in place to watch what’s happening, At this moment or rather when we open again, only people from Fife are eligible to attend, we have already stocked and are due another so plenty fish in the water, Cormorants arnt a problem this year, basically we were frozen a lot
Our remit has always been since 1986, is that fishing the “Goldenloch” is a day out, a day when a hobby becomes a pleasure, anglers are here to relax, enjoying the atmosphere, no interruptions, in safety with no unwanted background noise, tranquil surroundings, abundant genuine wildlife, Finest quality, hard fighting, guaranteed, boat or bank you decide. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up Postcode KY14 6HZ


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