First pike on the fly...😂


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Aug 25, 2011
I had 7 or so hours out today, managed four Jacks about this stamp.

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A couple of Perch about about a pound or so. And had a follow from a proper Pike, I was fishing along a high bank. She came out of know where, saw me and hung high in the water before gently turning away and back from whence she came. I love seeing them do that.

Apologies for highjacking the OPs thread. I'm to lazy to start one anew.
If you like seeing BIG pike , go to Ravensthorpe res , I use to fly fish it for pike a lot , had 30 plus follow to the side of boat ,If I was quick enough with the landing net could scope them out ,lol , Thats all the do there ,for me anyway , follow my flies back to the boat all day ,
I got so fed up with it stopped fishing there ,lol

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