Fishing the Strone Beat (Blackwater and River Ardle)


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Jun 8, 2009
Brighton, UK
The fishing at Strone comprises the bottom beat of the Blackwater and the bottom beat of the River Ardle. At the at the confluence of the beats is the head of the River Ericht. The pools include the Bridge Pool, the Upper and Lower Generator Pools, the Junction Pool, along with a number of good runs for varying river conditions. The beats are each half a mile long and are single bank (west on the Blackwater, East on the Ardle). The opposite banks are seldom fished. The beats can cater for additional rods, by agreement only. However, we believe it is best fished by two rods, alternating between the beats. No Sunday Fishing in Scotland.

To book the beat – please click on the required date below (where available). Prices range from £70 to £100 per day for the beat (2 rods).

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