Fly Fishing in Thailand. Kingfisher Lake Hua HIn


Jun 14, 2019
Greenfields Valley Hua Hin have just opened a new lake for fly and lure fishing enthusiasts. Kingfisher Lake.

The main species is the fantastic Barramundi, in my opinion the best thing ever to come out of Australia, a fish that will run you into your backing and jumps that will bring your heart into your mouth.

You guessed it, this is now my favourite fish to target.

The lake has also been stocked with Amazon species such as Arapaima, Red tailed catfish and Peacock bass.
Thai species include Arowana, Giant Snakehead, Cobra Snakehead, Asian red tailed catfish, Java Barb and Jungle Barb.

Set in the middle of a private estate with beautiful scenery I had a great time there, catching enough fish to be happy but be aware this is not a stew pond, you have to be able to fish in order to catch.
Hope others give it a go.