Foremark Reservoir


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Dec 15, 2012
I fished there yesterday on the opening day. Unfortunately, I was the only one there as the fishery was only given the green light to open late on Friday evening. Beautiful day and surroundings. Flamingo Bay is heavily weeded and needs fishing through to clear it. The water level is pretty much perfect. I estimate it to be about 20 foot down from capacity.

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May 18, 2006
Egginton, Derbyshire.
After reading some of the reports on their FB page that the bank fishing had picked up I finally made my first trip under the new owners last Thursday.
A bit of a coincidence as I arrived as the person I bumped into at the gate was Maurice a Blithfield regular who ironically was leaving Blithfield at the same time as me when I last fished there about a fortnight ago.
Back to the fishing the advice was fish were in the top few feet and lures had been the most successful pattern over the last few days. I started on Verduns point just after 1100, it was quite blustery on here but nevertheless I was getting interest on a small Cats Whisker and soon had a fish on the bank. There then proceeded a frustrating hour where I was getting offers every say dozen casts or so but no hook ups, after a while even the nips dried up and I moved round in front of the lodge where it was a lot more sheltered. After a bit of cast and move, shuffle down the bank I had another fish on a GH daddy so was feeling pleased having taken a brace. That was the last take I had although I tried round in the sailing club bay before calling it a day. Maurice came past just before I packed up and he had had three fish so good angling and was top rod for the day.
Quite encouraging really, I'd half expected to blank so will definitely give it another go sometime, and I noticed earlier today that they reported on that the rod average for the last week was 1.3.
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