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Apr 5, 2014
West Sussex
I was able to get an order from Bogdan Gawlik without any out of stock issues. However, it took nearly two weeks to arrive where it used to take five days. I emailed them and they said they were having major problems with despatch and postage due to the pandemic. Everything I ordered arrived OK, just later than I expected.

I'm dubious about the Brexit effect. I've been driving on the A34 a few times recently. For those who don't know this is a main route from the Midlands down to Southampton and Portsmouth. There were every bit as many container lorries as well as British and European transport lorries driving up and down that road obviously going to and coming from the ports. We never hear anything about THAT on the tv. Business very much as usual it would seem.

Things have certainly freed up at the ports which I see through work and driving a similar route to yourself. Some things are still tight though for lots of reasons. Hopefully we’ll get back to some normal stock levels soon!

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