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Jun 20, 2007
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29-05-2018 03:19 PM

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[h=2]GAIA in association with Bewl Water[/h] Following a sucessful meeting with Bewl Water activities manager, Phil Daley, I am very pleased to announce that GAIA will have an exclusive association with Bewl to hold regional meetings, events and other activities to help promote GAIA.
Bewl Water has a footfall of over 150,000 people per year with excellent facilities, including meeting rooms, tackle shop, restaurant and a cafeteria that reflects a forward thinking management that is willing and eager to work exclusively with GAIA.
Phil is keen to see us use the facility to develop our members and educate the public on fly fishing - his words were a “centre of excellence” and he emphasised “education”.
To see Bewl water, please click on link.
Bewl Water | Fishing, Walking and Cycling, Kent and Sussex
Pictured from left to right.
Bob Goble - Bewl Water resident guide & instructor. Bob has fished Bewl Water since it opened in 1978 and knows the water intimately.
Roger Miles - GAIA Associate Members' Coordinator
Phil Daley - Activities Manager for Bewl Water
Bob Burbidge - Vice Chairman of GAIA
Garry Poole -GAIA Regional representitive.


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