General Nature Photos


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It seems that photobucket (polite spelling i.m.h.o.) is rearing it ugly grey horizontal stripe or logo here. on all but about 5 posts. Please, If you want people to see your images on a public forum, which is why I assume you posted them here, either pay them $399 a year or post them direct from your hard drive.
Just noticed that many of tese posts were made in 2011, b.t.w.


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What a shame so many of the photos are now unavailable, there are some real crackers amongst them.
I used to use the Wild About Britain website and there were beautiful photos on there.
I would rather just watch nowadays, we have two hedgehogs living under our porch, umpteen fieldmice and a few shrews. We have had Grass Snakes and Slow worms, loads of frogs and toads.
Birds tend to land for refuelling as they fly over and we have had, pheasant, Partridge, some sort of cockatoo and a pair of Peacocks. Smaller birds include, Goldcrest, Bullfinches, Green finches, Black caps,
Long tailed tits, Wrens and all the usual garden birds except Thrushes.
We get various Bats, Pippistrelle, being the commonest. I used to rescue bats for the Bat Trust and the Avon Bat Group.