Golden Loch 23/11/2021 4 hour C&R session , Suns out 7C no wind almost a heat wave !


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Aug 29, 2012
What a great day for November slight puff of wind from the south ,water clarity 8 feet ,blue skies No fish on the surface but they are chasing minnows .
2 other boats on the water and 1 bank angler spread round the loch . I anchor just outside the harbour where I can see a patch minnows on the surface and 10 minutes later take a nice fish on a Silver Butcher size 12 Ah ! there is nothing wrong with the old flies . The minnows disappear and I move about the loch a bit then go up to my favourite spot at the fence and take a 3 pounder with the same fly . I am not getting any offers, tugs or follows .Lunchtime beckons . I spend the next half hour contemplating Life ,the Universe and my stomach (Chilli Beef Broth today ) Drift down to the middle of the loch with no result I have not seen anyone else catch a fish . Back up to the fence and half an hour later a nice 2 pounder still on the silver butcher ! Anchor up and I take a slow drift down to the harbour . The Bank angler has 1 fish and the boat with 2 have only 1 fish between them . The other angler is still fishing when I leave . What a grand day the lack of wind makes a big difference to the temperature it was almost balmy about 1.00 pm .

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