Goldenloch 27-07-21 C&R 4 hour session 'The Loch is full of fish '


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Aug 29, 2012
Only one other single angler on the Loch at 8.00 am this morning .Water crystal clear . Overcast with a Temp of 17C Loch was pretty weedy .
Spent the first hour in the middle trying a variety of flies ,nothing doing . Went up to the far end and anchored 2o yards off the fence in a clear bit . Put on a yellow owl on the tail and the fishing took on a lease of life 2nd cash into a nice Rainbow ,the next 3 hours were pure pleasure . Weed was a problem when the fish were on as they tended to drag the line into it . I ended up with 8 fish to the net and lost 3 . The fish kept turning over a following the tail fly . Great sport if only Lake of Menteith is like this next week . The single angler took 3 and lost 2 .Temp was 21C when I came off .

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