Good day at the Goldenloch 17/10/2020 C&R session


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Aug 29, 2012
On the water by 10.00 , 2 bank anglers on the West Bank ,water clarity 5 feet, overcast with wind direction from the south ,Anchor half way up but find the anchor is dragging at a good rate of knots . Up to the top end where the wind is not too bad and take a couple of fish over the next hour on a cormorant .The Bank fishers are taking fish regularly .I take the boat down to the corner at the side of the pier coming out and anchor close in . This gives me half an hour before the boat is dragged out to far. The odd fish is turning over and over the next 3 hours I take 4 fish there on an Orange Fritz. I finish off back at the top end and take another on the Cormorant . The place has not been stocked recently but is fishing its socks off. The bank anglers had caught more than me and were still fishing when I came off. There was just the three of us on the loch today people were maybe put off by the weather forecast but its pretty protected up there when other fisheries are closed . Give it a try if your out this week you will not be sorry ,there are 6 boats and plenty of room for bank anglers