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Dec 12, 2009
Whoever now owns the G.G. brand is remarkably secretive. I have tried to find them many times. There are many products available now under the GG brand that Mr Griffiths never sold, so clearly there is product development going on. The Sheer thread problem is typical of fakery. The original thread is lightly waxed, single ply , very strong for its diameter, and as said above recommended by several prolific fly tyers - see posts on YouTube by the featherbender. Lower quality threads usually give themselves away by the variable thickness of fibres making up the strand(s) The weakest invariably break on winding, giving that fuzzy look that it undesirableif you are going to the trouble of using Sheer. Basically, if it is cheap it aint real. There are very few real bargains on eBay.


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Feb 18, 2007
Like most other threads, it leaves the manufacturer on 5,000 + mtr. skeins & is then re-wound onto usable sppols. The late GG died many years ago & it is doubtful, it the new owner, bothered to replace the stickers, as they are not that cheap (unless you buy in industrial qty's) & a bit labour-intensive to apply.

GG had spooled up many 1,000's of tjhem in each size/colour etc & as they ran low/out, the new spooler (I know who it is, & am not saying) has obviously run out of labels etc & keeps selling, maybe some colours are off the original spools that GG was using ? I don't know who the manufaccturer was/is though, but like 95% of stuff we use in fly tying, it comes from a completely different industry.

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